Why Karndean Is A Great Investment In Your Home

After building a house, the next step is to furnish the interior. The floor and furniture that will be kept in the house are the most important and demands that home owners take their time in choosing the best quality materials. The floor must be of good quality because it is easy to replace new furniture or curtains but no one will find it easy replacing the floor. The flooring usually determines the look of the house and most times highlights the taste of the owner. It beautifies the house, so no one will like a floor covering that isn’t well made or laid improperly.


Types of Karndean available

Karndean flooring is available in a wide variety of colours, styles and range and this allows you to run wild with your creativeness. We have highlighted some of the most popular karndean flooring ranges below.

Knight Tile:

This design has variety of strips and borders that highlights the stone and wood effect.


It includes the use of modern grey and concrete effects made in large form on woods and tiles.

Da Vinci:

This design contains slender and smooth planks with a square edge reduced to a sloping edge. The traditional finishes mix well to make the floor look classic.

Michael Angelo:

This Karndean has different texture of metallic and pebble designs.

 Art select:

This design has its look from wood and stone with authentic finishes.

Van Gogh design replicates timber using large wood planks.

Karndean Loose lay: The loose lay requires minimal underlay and little or no adhesive to install it. It comes in mainly natural wood flooring styles such as oak and weathered timber, but also in stone tile effects.

Why Karndean is a great flooring solution for your home

There are a lot of floor coverings in the market but the Karndean offers you a wide variety of design choices and is hardwearing. Karndean is a good investment for homes because it is cost effective, with it’s almost endless range it can suit virtually any persons taste, it has a long life span and beautifies the house by giving it a natural look of wood, stone or tiling.

Karndean flooring brings into the home long lasting beauty of flooring made from nature. Flooring inspired by wood and stones coupled with the production process, which makes them very durable. It is uniquely layered and can withstand any tough domestic situation. Karndean goes with a lifetimeguarantee on durability. In the event of an unlikely damage, Karndean is easy to replace in sections unlike hardwood flooring.

They can also be designed according to customer specifications. Customers can add the designs they want to the flooring like flowers and other decorative strips. It affords customers the opportunity to choose options that help create a unique home for them.

The flooring sparkles like marbles tiles. The wood and stones used in making the flooring do not have artificial appearances, they look original and natural, and in fact it’s unlikely that unless someone told you it wasn’t real wood you wouldn’t even know.

The different colors of Karndean, grey and brown depict the natural colors of stones and wood. It gives your home base a very natural and organic look. Despite not being made from wood and stone they are user-friendly, softer in touch and when cleaning it, the coarse and rough features of stones are absent. Unlike certain floors, a mop in water is enough to keep the floor sparkling clean. Karndean floors are easy to install and fits every space in your home.

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