Three Popular Paleo Dessert Recipes

We all know about the Paleo diet. If you want to follow this diet and hesitating if the food eaten by the early human can add tasty desserts on your menu or not, you will be happy to know that you can have hundreds of Paleo dessert recipes. These recipes are not only tasty but also mind blowing. Here are four of the dessert menus you will like to check on.

  1. Chocolate-Topped Paleo Plantain Brownies

Plantains are more like bananas but contain less sugar and have little different texture. As a result, this dessert provides you different benefits of bananas like getting fiber without sugar. If you are worrying whether the dessert will be sweet enough, you will be glad to know that the dessert consists of maple syrup which provides fair amount of sweetness to it. Therefore, you can have the sweet dessert you like yet you get a healthy food to maintain your health.

  1. Paleo Sticky Date Pudding Cupcakes

If you are fan of cakes, you can consider this dessert as your favorite one.  It contains only the ingredients approved by Paleo Diet. You may be wondering how a cake can be made without flour. Well, here coconut flour is used which provide the cake a nice flavor and the right texture it need. To your surprise, it also contains a date pudding that will surely blow your mind away. Just taste it and you will understand how this can be a show stealer of your daily menu.

  1. Chocolate Torte 3 Ways

We have talked about Brownies and Cakes. Now it is time to taste Chocolate Torte in three different ways.  You can taste coconut-chocolate, orange-raspberry and finally mint-chocolate torte. Wondering if it is real with Paleo Diet? Yes it is. You can simply pick one or all depending on your mood and you will be surprised discovering how tasty each one is.

Yes, you are wondering if it is possible to lose weight, maintain a healthy life and yet to eat that good. Fortunately, there are people who like to experiment with foods and bring us some great dessert with Paleo ingredients. You can even get cookies, ice cream, pies or just plain sweets for your Paleo diet. Just search online with Paleo dessert recipes and you can get hundreds of recipes which are tastier than your regular recipe. So, get ready to taste some mouthwatering yet healthy Paleo dessert.