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3 Best Indian Restaurants in Brampton, Canada!

There are restaurants and there are Indian restaurants, the best in the world. They are known all over the world for the popular spices and the hot servings that would juice up the mouth. However, there are only a few restaurants that serve authentic Indian cuisine and there are only a few amongst these that have good food. Here is a list of three best Indian restaurants in Brampton, read and select the right Brampton Indian Restaurant based on interest.

  1. Mayura

The restaurant is filled with architectural brilliance and provides the most comfortable seating one could find. The wine rack attracts everyone and there are many tables so that every customer can get a seat.

Mayura serves their dishes with the supervision of Ranveer Brar [judge in the Indian version of Master Chef].

It is indeed rare to find such Indian chef in Canada, making Mayura the best restaurant in Brampton. Moreover, the food is as authentic as it gets with the taste and feel of local made dishes. The bar is luxurious with great selection of wines. Above all that, the reservation facility is very easy for this restaurant. One can go to the website: http://www.mayura.ca/ and reserve the table of their choice. One drawback though is the price, which is slightly higher than other restaurants in the region. Despite that, one can spend an extra dollar for the delicious food and ambience they get in Mayura.

  1. Indian Hero

Another restaurant that thrives to provide the best of Indian dishes with taste close to the native cooks. The restaurant serves a wide range of food including gravy curries, biryanis, desserts, Indian fast foods, etc. The specials and perks offered by Indian Hero are very good and worth a try.

The only problem with the restaurant is the chaotic environment and the hurried nature of the waiters who seem too anxious to send out a customer for the next one to come in. The customer would immediately feel that there is no proper supervision and everyone is concentrated on filling the pockets rather than satisfying the customers. This Indian Restaurant in Brampton is not suggested for a dine-in, but take away services are really good.

  1. Tandoori Flame

Tandoori Flame is a place popular for its beautiful architecture, but not so famous for its food. However, the tandoori varieties they offer are not found elsewhere in Brampton. It offers more than hundred and fifty delicacies and most of them are done with the Tandoori style of cooking. It makes this Brampton Indian Restaurant quite unique amongst the others.

The prices are reasonable and one can enjoy the place if they are indifferent towards the ‘sameness’ of the taste found with every dish.

These three restaurants are amazing and have unique style of displaying themselves to the customers. Mayura is authentic, where Indian Hero is a typical bar styled restaurant and Tandoori Flame is a mix of modern ambience and Indian styled show pieces. So, select the Indian Restaurant in Brampton based on your interest and enjoy fine Indian dining.

29 Jun 2017