Ordering Food Online Today vs. Yesterday

 Today in America everything has become more automated. With the ability to now order and sell absolutely everything online people turning more to ordering food and having it delivered to their homes. Some people are choosing this method because you wouldn’t need to get dressed and leave the comfort of your own home. But with this being the new way to live is it the most cost effective?

How Much Do You Really Spend?

The most ordered food in America is chicken wings. But when it comes to any other food it varies depending on which state you live in.

In America alone, there are over 30,000 restaurants and over 4 million dinners. According to a study in November 2016, 20% of Americans order their food online at least once a week. An average person will spend anywhere between $16 to $30 on a single order. That adds up to the entire population spending $281.9 billion alone on online ordering. Ordering food online in the past few years has been growing at an incredible 300% faster than dining in alone. Millennials spend about 44% or $2,921 annually. Many people will blame the Millennials for the rise in this percentage, but only a few years ago the baby boomers were spending 40% on their online food ordering. Which equals out to $2,629 annually. In my own opinion, it is the easy access, and convenience of ordering food online that is helping the numbers grow every year.

Not Just for Restaurants.

Another way that people have been ordering food online is by ordering and buying their home groceries from the store and picking them up ready to go. Some stores will even deliver the groceries to the house which is used by the elderly and disabled. This is because they have a harder time shopping on their own and this gives them some independence especially if they are forced to live on their own. In 2017 31% of Americans order their food online. Sales alone last year were $14.2 billion all together that year. A study showed that by the year 2021 the annual sales might reach $30 billion and by the year 2025 it could even reach $100 billion! Today about a quarter of Americans buys their groceries online. This could raise up to 60% in the next ten years. Last year the online food ordering for groceries was around 20.5 billion

With the future of technology growing fast, there is no telling what may be available to us online. But it is exciting to think about what might become of America tomorrow.