Is The Vitamix 780 Worth It?

Introducing the future of blending technology, the Vitamix 780. This is easily one of the best blenders on the market today and brings a lot of interesting improvements over the previous model. These high-end Vitamix blenders aren’t known for being the cheapest models on the market, so undoubtedly you’re curious to know if it is worth the money.

We’ve compiled an in depth review of the new Vitamix 780. It will cover the packaging, the operation, the improvements, and in the end you can decide if it’s a worth investment. Whether you’ve got the 750 model or no model at all, chances are you’ll decide you want the new 780 model in your kitchen. It really is that good.

The Packaging.

The 780 packaging is pretty standard and follows the normal Vitamix protocol. The box features different information on different sides. It all makes for an interesting read. It’s easy to pop the seal and pull out the blender components. It comes separated with the motor base, container, and tamper all packaged nicely. There’s also a cookbook included as per usual.

The cookbook included in this model is slightly smaller than what you would normally expect. It still contains a lot of great recipes. If it’s not enough, then you can always turn to the internet where you’ll find all of the cookbooks from previous models readily available as well as the 780 cookbook should you ever lose it.

The container holds 64 ounces, but its low profile makes it seem much smaller. This is great because it means it can easily fit in your cabinets, yet is still large enough to help fix meals for the entire family. It is around 17 inches tall in total.

New Touch Screen.

Once you’ve put your Vitamix together you’ll notice it looks extremely sleek and modern compared to older models. This is most likely because they’ve removed the traditional dials used to operate the system. There is only a single flip button on the Vitamix 780 and that’s the power button. The power button remains analog as a sort of safety feature.

Vitamix tends to make a lot of improvements with each new release, but the outside has always looked the same. This is the first year they’ve completely removed the dials and replaced them with a glass touchscreen. Albeit, they aren’t the first blender to rely on a touchscreen, but they certainly look the better than the rest.

Same Motor Less Noise.

One interesting and possibly unintended feature of the 780 is that it makes a little less noise than the 750. The motor is pretty powerful at 2.2 horsepower so it definitely isn’t silent, but the fact that there is an improvement is worth mentioning. One of the employees of Vitamix suggests that the decrease in noise is due to the glass face used for the touch panel. The motor used in the 750 and 780 are actually the same.

Is It Worth It?

If you have a modern looking kitchen and need a high-quality, technologically advanced blender to fit in with the mix, then the Vitamix 780 is perfect for the job. It looks great, sounds great, and runs great, just as you would expect from a Vitamix blender.