How to Lower Your Wedding Catering Costs

One of the most expensive parts of planning your wedding is often the cost of the catering. However, there are steps you can take to lower your wedding catering costs.

When you want to have pricey appetizers at your reception and/or cocktail hour the best way to cut down on how much you have to spend on them is to have servers at the venue in charge of handing the appetizers out. Servers circulating the room with trays of appetizers as opposed to a table full of them; causes guests to consumer fewer appetizers and you to spend less money on them.

A cheap yet classy way to serve your guests food is to provide large bowls of salad and grilled vegetables on the side. This will cost you less than having to pay for salads per plate. To detract from the lack of individual salad servings, distract your guests with colorful salad bowls that can even serve as a conversation piece.

Serving cold vegetables to your guests can be done for less money when you choose vegetables such as broccoli flowers, artichoke hearts and other fancy but affordable vegetables. These food items can be arranged in creative shapes and pair well with many flavors of dip.

To allow your guests to eat like kings and queens without breaking the bank you can set up a Thai, fajita or other similar themed food station. Asian food stations have become a popular fixture at weddings these days. An Asian food station can be equipped with a large wok and food displays can easily be made with jasmine rice, egg noodles and condiments. This makes it look like you spent more money on food than you actually did.

In addition to picking and choosing the food you serve and the way you serve it carefully, another way to lower your catering costs is to try to negotiate a lower price from your caterer of choice. One good way to do this is to schedule your wedding on the date that is most convenient for the caterer you want to work with. Sometimes this means getting married during the week, or on a Sunday, which tends to be cheaper than getting married on a Friday or a Saturday. Part of negotiating a lower price with a caterer is by reaching several and seeing the rates each caterer charges. Sometimes you can get the price set cheaper if you tell a potential cater that you have spoken to another caterer who will do it for less than they are offering.

To save money on your catering bill and still be able to have an open bar to serve your guests, consider offering a few types of wine and a few types of beer only. Most guests are fine with this and you avoid having to pay for liquor. This can also ensure you have room in your budget for other fun items such as sparklers or commemorative wedding favors that your guests can enjoy.

Keeping your wedding costs down can be a delicate balance between making sacrifices and shopping wisely. Whether you’re desperate to cut your current budget or you’re just weighing the pros and cons, cutting your catering budget can open up a lot of room for other parts of your wedding celebration.