Eight Tips On How To Get The Right Dose For Cannabis-Infused Edibles

The legalization of marijuana has opened up new industries and products to create ways to infuse the cannabis into other products other than just cigarettes or tobacco. Some states whose pot laws are less restrictive allow for the selling of medicated edibles such as cookies, brownies, candies, chocolates, and many more treats.

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Medicated edibles are especially popular in Colorado, making up 20% to 40% of overall sales, as alternatives to smoking cannabis. According to Bob Eschino – who is a partner in the company that makes the Incredibles infused chocolate bars, Medically Correct – edibles are easy to dose and discreet, which is necessary in Colorado because although the state allows legal marijuana sales,it prohibits public smoking.

Dan Meinerz, partnership manager of My 420 Tours, declares “Edibles are going to affect everybody differently”. The high you will experience from edibles will be so unexpectedly different from the high you usually get from smoking or using a vaporizer for weed.

Due to this unpredictable mysterious factor of consuming edibles, it is vital to know how to apply just the right amount into your marijuana-treated good. Hence, here are just a few steps and tips to properly and safely dose in the world of cannabis infused edibles.

Consider Your Experience:

First and foremost, consumers should consider their experiences with different marijuana products. It is essentially a practice of EanSeeb, from Denver Relief, to ask their customers whether they have consumed – by eating or smoking – cannabis before. It should also be noted that tolerance for marijuana smoking is entirely different and unequal to your tolerance when eating edibles.

Know Your Body:

Jayson Emo of Giddy Up and Gaia’s Garden, advises consumers to know their body first. Consult with a budtender to know more about your body’s tolerance to cannabis in relation to your body type, gender, age, body mass, metabolism, etc. You may be shocked by THC’s effect on your body, especially with its unpredictable relationship with our fatty cells.

Treat likePainkillers, Never Use on an Empty Stomach:

Always treat cannabis like you would painkillers, advises Meinerz from My 420 Tours. It is one of the most important DOs of consuming cannabis. Never take cannabis on an empty stomach, and when you do take it, take it slowly along with your food. Edibles are like antibiotics, they should always be taken with food.

Measure Properly by the Milligram:

In consuming cannabis, the director of 3D Cannabis Center, Chris Lunsford, says the standard unit of dosage is at 10 milligrams. To measure for the dosage in a single piece of edible, drink, or tincture, divide the weight of the product into the number of pieces. For example, if a 100-milligram chocolate bar is split into 10 pieces, you get roughly a 10 milligram-dose per piece. This step is just for information on how to measure dosage, refer to #7 to know the actual dosage your body can take in when consuming edibles.

Different Brands, Different Results:

There are multiple edible products out there and they are not guaranteed to produce the same results. Different people have different experiences with different products, Giddy Up compares edibles with the use of marijuana flower, where some people prefer one dispensary over others, or some people are finding their own strain when smoking or using a wax pen. He discusses that “[when] somebody finds an edible they really enjoy, and it’s a 10-milligram gummy, and it’s consistent with the dosage and they know how their body will react, and how they’ll react psychologically, it becomes their go-to brand.” Consult with your budtender on what products you may prefer, and do your research by asking around your local ecig smoke shopsto learn more about different product potencies.

Don’t Overindulge, Patience Is Key:

 Incrediblemaker, Eschino, recommends for users to follow the suggested serving size declared by the Marijuana Enforcement Division, which is 10 milligrams. People without experience, and low tolerance should find this dosage amount more than enough. Always start slowly, and wait for at least 45 minutes to feel the effects, and then decide if you want to increase dosage. “You can always take more, but you can’t go back and take less,” Eschino quips. However, different edibles have different activation times, so it might take longer than 45 minutes for the effects to kick in. Dixie Elixirs’ Marijuana 101 pamphlet mentions that “Marijuana infused products can take 30 minutes to 2 hours to take effect”. Dixie Elixirs, a Colorado edible brand, advises thatonly some of the products have activation times stamped in their packaging, to let consumers know how long they should wait before kicking up the dose, she advises, “take your time, because overindulging is not fun”. Always check the packaging, or ask your budtenders.

For Edibles, Less Is More:

Do NOT use your smoking tolerance and experience as a measure for your tolerance in edibles. Even a heavy smoker from Giddy Up who smokes more than the average of 2 grams per day admits that he is an edible weakling. The process of inhalation and digestion is very different, that it produces very different effects. There are lesser membranes in the stomach that could absorb the impact of the THC, compared to that in the lungs, that’s why consuming edibles are much more potent than smoking marijuana. So, it just takes a small amount of edible products to reach that optimal high you usually get from smoking a higher dosage. Therefore, consider yourself inexperienced when using edibles for the first time, your smoking experience matters little in your tolerance levels.

Test and Choose Products Wisely:

The Colorado Department of Revenue Communications Director, Daria Serna, declared that beginning May 2014, testing for marijuana-induced products (MIPs) is mandatory. Before that, companies were not required to test their products, and the research that we’ve done with a panel of 10 MIPs showed shocking results, wherein the declared amount of activated THC in the packaging does not match the actual amount in the product itself. Some, like the Star Barz mint chocolates, for example, proclaimed a 100 milligram content, but actually there was only 0.3 milligrams. While some exceeded the declared amount, like in the Incredibles’ product, where there was an astonishing 146 milligrams, as opposed to just 100 milligrams. This serves as a warning to buyers and consumers to be careful in choosing the brands and products. Find a product that truly works for you and stick with it.