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Ordering Food Online Today vs. Yesterday

 Today in America everything has become more automated. With the ability to now order and sell absolutely everything online people turning more to ordering food and having it delivered to their homes. Some people are choosing this method because you wouldn’t need to get dressed and leave the comfort of your own home. But with this being the new way to live is it the most cost effective?

How Much Do You Really Spend?

The most ordered food in America is chicken wings. But when it comes to any other food it varies depending on which state you live in.

In America alone, there are over 30,000 restaurants and over 4 million dinners. According to a study in November 2016, 20% of Americans order their food online at least once a week. An average person will spend anywhere between $16 to $30 on a single order. That adds up to the entire population spending $281.9 billion alone on online ordering. Ordering food online in the past few years has been growing at an incredible 300% faster than dining in alone. Millennials spend about 44% or $2,921 annually. Many people will blame the Millennials for the rise in this percentage, but only a few years ago the baby boomers were spending 40% on their online food ordering. Which equals out to $2,629 annually. In my own opinion, it is the easy access, and convenience of ordering food online that is helping the numbers grow every year.

Not Just for Restaurants.

Another way that people have been ordering food online is by ordering and buying their home groceries from the store and picking them up ready to go. Some stores will even deliver the groceries to the house which is used by the elderly and disabled. This is because they have a harder time shopping on their own and this gives them some independence especially if they are forced to live on their own. In 2017 31% of Americans order their food online. Sales alone last year were $14.2 billion all together that year. A study showed that by the year 2021 the annual sales might reach $30 billion and by the year 2025 it could even reach $100 billion! Today about a quarter of Americans buys their groceries online. This could raise up to 60% in the next ten years. Last year the online food ordering for groceries was around 20.5 billion

With the future of technology growing fast, there is no telling what may be available to us online. But it is exciting to think about what might become of America tomorrow.

14 Feb 2018

Benefits Of Using A Pizza Stone And How To Use One

If you are looking to enjoy a quality pizza produced without a brick then using a pizza stone is not only an effective option but also a great for both bakers and pizza lovers. Do you know why your bread or homemade pizza do not have any bakery flavor or unique pizzeria? Also known as a pizza stone, a baking stone is made in such a way that it can be able to eliminate the problem. Using a pizza stone is, therefore, a good option for preparing dough-based food which is crispy and tasty.

Benefits of using a pizza stone

Here are some of the benefits that usually come with using a baking stone

· It balances the heat- As compared to other baking methods, a pizza stone will generally spread the heat evenly thereby making the food to be evenly cooked.

· Easy to clean- When it comes to cleaning you just need to wipe it off using some water and sponge and you are done. You don’t need to scrub it.

· It gives the pizza a crispy crust- The pizza stone is specifically used to give your pizza crispy crust that is quite different from baking using an oven tray.

· It’s easier to remove the food when you are through- Once the pizza has been cooked, it’s quite easy to remove it. This is because it will not stick.

· Bakes perfectly and faster- As compared to an aluminum pan, a baking stone not only bakes perfectly but is also quick. This helps you to save time.

The best way to use a pizza stone

To ensure that your pizza comes out well, it’s very important to use the stone well. Here are some of the ways to use it

Preheat the stone- If you want to produce that crispy crust you need to heat the stone well. According to experts, you need to heat the stone for at least 30 minutes before putting the dough on it.

You need to place it in cold oven- Regardless of the type, a cold stone put in a hot oven may break since it cannot easily withstand any change in temperature. It’s, therefore, advisable to place the stone in a cold oven. This will allow it to heat with the oven.

Regularly season with oil- Knowing how to do this is very easy. If you want to prevent sticking, you need to regularly rub olive oil onto the surface. Make sure you do this in a regularly until the sheen is completely gone. Remember, if you leave some oil, it will make the stone to produce smoke later on. Alternatively, you can also sprinkle bread crumbs, cornmeal, and rice flour on the surface.

To produce the best pizza it’s very important to find the right pizza stone from the right company. It’s very important to ensure that the company has a pizza stone that will fit into your oven. More so, if you want your pizza or bread crispy and evenly cooked, choose a stone which is thicker. You, therefore, need to choose the best pizza stone company. For more details check

29 Jan 2018

Weight Loss Drugs: 5 Weight Loss Pills described with Pros & Cons

The lifestyle of modern world has made life easier for humans. With the help of machines and robots, we have stopped doing any physical labor ourselves. It results in unhealthy lifestyle and obesity. The problems of obesity are increasingly spreading all around the globe. It is not surprising anymore that 2 out of 5 people are obese and doctors recommend weight loss to them.

The medical science has come up with drugs, which can accelerate the weight loss in patients when followed by healthy eating habits and movement of the body. They do not work miraculously like surgeries but they have been proven effective for a lot many people.

There is a drastic change in blood pressure and blood sugar levels of patients when they lose a little weight. The hormonal balance is retained when the body starts losing extra weight.

Who can benefit from weight loss drugs?

Weight Loss Drugs are not prescribed for patients who are over-weight but for the ones for who qualify in the obese category. The BMI of 30 or higher is the condition when a doctor would prescribe weight loss drugs to the patients. The patients with a BMI of 27 or higher with heart problems because of weight can make use of the weight loss drugs.

Others are advised to lose weight in a healthy manner by eating right and exercising regularly.

The benefit of weight loss drugs is that they help lose weight quickly which keeps the patient motivated to work harder. It would not work if the patient continues to follow an unhealthy lifestyle and does not work physically.

Patients are monitored carefully when they start taking these drugs. It is recommended to use them for three months to see the results. If the patient is unable to lose at least 5% of his weight in three months, the doctors stop recommending the weight loss drugs.

These medicines can only heal the body for certain duration. Once the patient stops taking weight loss drugs, he might get back the weight if he/she does not adopt healthy lifestyle. All medications have risk factors associated with them whereas adapting healthy lifestyles would cure obesity from its roots.

What drugs are available?

The pharmaceutical companies have been researching about the medications that can make world citizens healthier again. The weight has become a major issue around the globe as our lifestyle continues to deteriorate day by day.

There has been a widespread research on these drugs but only the Food and Drug Association have approved a few for long-term use in obese patients. They are;


It was one of the first drugs used in weight loss during 1999. FDA approved it with only a prescription. In 2007, the drug was made available over the counter. It is sold under the brand name Xenical.

Orlistat is recommended for obese patients. It treats obesity when accompanied by low fat diet. Its mechanism is quite simple. It works on the pancreatic enzyme called lipase that aids in breaking fat from the food in small intestine. When Orlistat in taken with every meal; it would not let the pancreatic enzyme, lipase break down all the fat from the food. The fat would not be absorbed by the body but would be burned with high metabolism.

The side effects of Orlistat include gases, oily bowel movement, and other changes in bowel activities. In the worst cases, some of the patients have also been reported of having severe lever damage on consumption of this drug. If a patient notices sign of liver malfunction such as yellow eyes, yellow stool, itching, loss of appetite or brown urine, they should immediately consult a doctor.

The use of Orlistat drug can cause disturbed bowel movements, severe liver damage, and gastrointestinal turbulence in some patients. However, it promises a steady weight loss. The patients who consumed the drug along with regular exercise and healthy eating habits lost around 5 more pounds than the patients who just took the medicine.


This drug acts on brain elements, which makes the obese patients, feel fuller. It reduces the appetite and accelerates weight loss. It acts on serotonin receptors inside the brain. This drug is not approved for pregnant women. It can adversely affect the health of pregnant women and the women who are trying to conceive as it causes drowsiness, headache, and constipation. The serotonin receptors inside the brain can react to other drugs taken alongside the Lorcaserin as they are used to treat depression in the patients.

It is sold under the brand name, Belviq. It is taken by mouth twice a day.

Phentermine + topiramate

Phentermine is a drug that decreases appetite in the patients. Topiramate is another drug which is used in patients of migraine which makes them feel fuller and works on appetite functioning. It is sold under the brand name of Qysmia. Approved in 2012, the drug can have severe side effects.

It can cause birth defects such as cleft palate in feteuses, pregnant women and women trying to conceive a baby are restrained from using this drug. It is advisable that women of childbearing age should use birth control along with these medications and conduct pregnancy test every month.

Another common side effect, which is quite strange in patients using Phentermine + topiramate, is suicidal thoughts. It is quite rare but it has been noticed that 1 in 500 people consuming this medication, especially topiramate start having suicidal thoughts.


Bupropion is a drug used to treat obesity. FDA had rejected it as it had long-term impact on heart and cardiovascular system. It is associated with increase rate of suicidal thoughts. It comes in a black box packaging, which is a strictest of FDA warning labels. Naltrexone is a drug used to treat alcohol addiction and opiod addictions.

The combination of the drugs works on hypothalamus, an almond shaped element inside our brains, which caters to the hunger and appetite.


While all major drug companies dealing in weight loss medications suggest exercising and healthy diet as a pre-requisite for maintaining weight, Sletrokor promises weight loss without any of it. The process is simple and effective. It controls the digestive system and reduces the cholesterol content of the body. It reduces appetite and increases the metabolism rate.

It has all ingredients approved and made from natural plant products. The only drawback is that the drug is not easily available and there is not much information about the company.

It is advisable for all patients suffering from obesity to make use of healthy diets and regular exercise. The drugs can aid the weight loss but there is always a risk factor associated with all medicines.

29 Dec 2017

Five Factors To Consider While Choosing A Toronto Cosmetic Dentist

Cosmetic dentistry can enhance the smiles of million people. They bring back their beautiful smiles and give good look for their face. These are the main reasons, many people are choosing a toronto cosmetic dentist to enhance their beauty of smile. Everyone can notice the smile on other faces. If you find a good cosmetic dentistry, then you should get the best treatments for improper teeth. Most of the people are confusing about choosing the best cosmetic dentist toronto.

The following are the five factors that one should consider while choosing the best cosmetic dentistry:


If you are looking for a good cosmetic dentistry, then you should have patience in finding the best one. These are not emergency procedures. So, take your own time to consider the best one. Spent more time to study the procedures and know what you are expecting from the dentist in toronto. If you get a dentist, then ask relevant questions. You will consider 2 or 3 dental offices and shortlist the best one.

Read reviews:

Many people consult a cosmetic dentist for their cosmetic dental problems. So, its easy to know about services of the clinics by asking your friends and neighbors or previous customers. You can also read the reviews of their previous patients and know their ratings. So, you can get the details about the dental clinics by reading the reviews. To get more about cosmetic dentists, visit us.

Know their Professional Credentials:

If you are looking for a cosmetic dentist, you should need to know their professional credentials. If he provides their credentials, then should take further step to choose him. A cosmetic dentist should has experience in the field and also done their education in reputed university.

Know details about their previous treatments:

It is important to know whether the dentist is using updated technology to provide the best dental procedures. A cosmetic dentistry duty is to improve the beauty of smile. Ask your dentistry about his previous photos of the dental treatments. So, you can better idea about his services. So, always choose a good cosmetic dentist for your cosmetic dental problems.

These are the five factors to consider while you are looking for a cosmetic dentistry. Everybody notices about smile on your face. Most of the people are hiding their smile infront of the people due to their improper teeth. A cosmetic dentistry is a person who is fixing the teeth well and give beautiful look to our teeth. So, if you hire a good cosmetic dentistry, you cannot afraid to smile in the public. A smile is an indication of beauty and gives confidence. A cosmetic dentistry will bring back our beauty of smile by providing various dental procedures.

Cosmetic dental services are high when compared to other dental treatments. People are spending more money for getting these services. Most of the people want to get cosmetic dental treatments at any cost. If your teeth is fixed in proper position, then you get attractive look to your face. Many people are having improper teeth and feel shy to talk in the public or office meetings. So, choose the best cosmetic dentistry to get the beautiful smile.

22 Sep 2017

Top Things To Look For When Reading Wi-Fi Coffee Makers Reviews

Wi-Fi coffee makers posts are offering normally a large variety of these coffee makers. However, before you can purchase the right type of coffee maker, you need to make sure that you are reading reviews. The one thing that you need to know when you are reading these reviews is that you should make sure to look at a couple of important things in the review. This is to make sure that you are reading a real review that is going to give you value for money.

The price of the coffee maker

The first thing that you need to look for, when you are reading reviews about these coffee makers is the price of the coffee maker. There are many reviews that don’t really give the real price of the coffee maker, and they were paid to write these reviews.

In order to know if this coffee maker is really worth buying for, you need to look at the price and make sure that this is something that you can afford and that isn’t too expensive.

The different features it has

A good review will always have the features that the wi-fi coffee maker has. This is so that you can see if the coffee maker that you are looking for has the right type of features that you are looking for, and if this is going to be something that has the right features for the price you are going to pay for the coffee maker.

Some of these coffee makers have some great features, but the other has just the basic features. You need to know what the features of the coffee maker are that you are considering purchasing, so that you can know if you are looking for this type of maker.

Pros and cons of the Wi-Fi coffee maker

Not many people realize that reading the pros and cons of the Wi-fi coffee maker is important, and they don’t look for it in a review. However, this is the only way that you can make sure that the maker that you are considering purchasing doesn’t have more problems than benefits.

There are many things that you need to look at, when you are reading reviews about things like the Wi-fi coffee makers. This is so that you can know for sure that you are purchasing the best one on the market and not just the cheapest one, that aren’t going to last you for a couple of years.

14 Sep 2017

What to Gift a 2-year-Old Toddler?

Children love their toys. They form the memories which they cherish their lifetime. And no amount of toys is ever enough for these hyperactive little humans. Also, toys are essential for the mental and physical growth of children. They help their imagination and keep them engaged. The more creative and useful the gift the happier they get. In order to help you pick out a gift for a two-year-old toddler, we have a few ideas to help you bring a smile on their adorable faces.

  1. Block by Block to build them up

Kids love building blocks. They find it fascinating to build houses and buildings out of blocks and they take equal pleasure in demolishing them. Building blocks also help them be creative and logical as they fit pieces together to form a cohesive structure. Therefore, building blocks, Lego sets, and picture puzzles are essential items which you can gift a toddler. The more colorful the shape and the big the size of the blocks, the better and more attractive they will be to the little kid.

  1. Colour to brighten their time

Kids are attracted easily towards colors. They love scribbling and putting pen, pencil or crayons to paper. They also love coloring books. Putting in color to something they have learned to recognize as a bird is intriguing for them. Gift them coloring books and they will be busy in a corner for a long time, emerging only to show off their work of art to everyone. Through, coloring books, kids being to eventually learn to color within the lines and learn more about art itself. This aids in discipline and creativity. Pick out colorful books which have simple items like birds and tree, or homes. Such books sure are to keep the kid occupied and engaged.

  1. Stories to fuel their imagination

Kids aged two and up are curious about everything. They are full of questions, wondering the workings of everything. It is at this critical stage where they develop their sense of imagination. In order to boost this, telling them stories is very important. Stories help them relate to the human experience and understand emotions better. Thus, children’s story books and picture story books are a very good present. Fill their bed time with vivid stories of foreign lands and interesting characters.

  1. Let them splash around in a kiddie pool

Little kids love playing with water during their bath. Thus, a kiddie pool with some toys like a rubber duck can be a very good gift. Fill the shallow pool with very little water, put the toys and the kid will splash around for hours. You can also add a pair of cute little swimming trunks to keep the kid safe in the water. A kiddie pool is small enough to fit in a bathroom or in a corner of a room so a parent can keep an eye as their child enjoys splashing in the water.

  1. Comfort them with a stuffed buddy

For a two-year-old, their stuffed characters aren’t just toys, but their friends. They love carrying them around and can’t sleep without having them beside. Pick a new plush cuddly friend for the child. He or she will hold the stuffed toy dear for a long time.

Through the useful toys mentioned in this post, the child will not only be playing but also be learning. This learning curve which takes place between the age of one and five is fundamental to their growth as a person. Thus it is important to surround children with toys which help their development. Most importantly, these useful toys for two-year-olds will bring them joy as well as those around them as they watch the little one play.

16 Aug 2017

Everything On Halal Certification Services In Canada

Irrespective of the size of the business or the company you own if you need the halal certification it is very important that you look for the agencies who help you get it. There are many halal certification agencies who provide all the solutions to get halal certified. As it is important that a company or business should function properly with all the legal documentations. In case you are still confused you can visit and get all the important information you want on halal certification.

There are a number of different halal certification service these agencies provide, here are some of the very common certificates they help you with which are Halal certification for food and pharmaceutical companies, Consulting services, Export and import services, Food and beverages quality control, Training and Awareness, and Halal tourism. There are many halal certification agencies who provide online support and you also have the option to apply online for the certificate. There are commonly followings steps:

  • Apply on the website of the agency with your application
  • They review the application and all the required documents
  • A team of auditors goes to the physical location for the on-site inspection and assessment
  • Once approved halal certification process fee payment
  • Certificate granted

Demand for halal certified food and non-food products is growing and the businesses with the halal tag from different sectors have an added advantage. Some of the important benefits are:

  • It saves on the Muslim customers from around the world.
  • The companies with halal certification have an added advantage in the market.
  • Bonded with the Islamic laws will increase the overall business.
  • Checks on the safety and the quality.
  • Helps in import and export in Muslim countries.

Things one should check for agencies for halal certification:

Legal: The agency should be legal and tied up with local government bodies. This will help built trust and a good relation with the client. The client can also make sure that the certification is government approved as the agency is.

Experience: They should have a good amount and experience and should have proper understandings for the producers which will help them do their work more confidentially.

Communication: They must have clear communications with the client and should guide them in the right direction. They should be fair for the cost involved in the processing of the fee and legal documents. Agency should be helpful to their clients.

Online service: It makes it hassle-free for the client and also for the agency if they have an online presence which enables to simplify the work and also helps you track the application status. They should also have multiple payment options for the client.

As the growing demand in all the sectors, there are many halal certification agencies who will guide you for the producer on how to get the certificate.  You can on the online reviews of an agency to check the accountability and select the best one which does the job for you. It has become very important for the sectors who need halal certification should get it so as to survive in long run and also fulfill the needs of the ones who demands of it.

21 Jul 2017

3 Best Indian Restaurants in Brampton, Canada!

There are restaurants and there are Indian restaurants, the best in the world. They are known all over the world for the popular spices and the hot servings that would juice up the mouth. However, there are only a few restaurants that serve authentic Indian cuisine and there are only a few amongst these that have good food. Here is a list of three best Indian restaurants in Brampton, read and select the right Brampton Indian Restaurant based on interest.

  1. Mayura

The restaurant is filled with architectural brilliance and provides the most comfortable seating one could find. The wine rack attracts everyone and there are many tables so that every customer can get a seat.

Mayura serves their dishes with the supervision of Ranveer Brar [judge in the Indian version of Master Chef].

It is indeed rare to find such Indian chef in Canada, making Mayura the best restaurant in Brampton. Moreover, the food is as authentic as it gets with the taste and feel of local made dishes. The bar is luxurious with great selection of wines. Above all that, the reservation facility is very easy for this restaurant. One can go to the website: and reserve the table of their choice. One drawback though is the price, which is slightly higher than other restaurants in the region. Despite that, one can spend an extra dollar for the delicious food and ambience they get in Mayura.

  1. Indian Hero

Another restaurant that thrives to provide the best of Indian dishes with taste close to the native cooks. The restaurant serves a wide range of food including gravy curries, biryanis, desserts, Indian fast foods, etc. The specials and perks offered by Indian Hero are very good and worth a try.

The only problem with the restaurant is the chaotic environment and the hurried nature of the waiters who seem too anxious to send out a customer for the next one to come in. The customer would immediately feel that there is no proper supervision and everyone is concentrated on filling the pockets rather than satisfying the customers. This Indian Restaurant in Brampton is not suggested for a dine-in, but take away services are really good.

  1. Tandoori Flame

Tandoori Flame is a place popular for its beautiful architecture, but not so famous for its food. However, the tandoori varieties they offer are not found elsewhere in Brampton. It offers more than hundred and fifty delicacies and most of them are done with the Tandoori style of cooking. It makes this Brampton Indian Restaurant quite unique amongst the others.

The prices are reasonable and one can enjoy the place if they are indifferent towards the ‘sameness’ of the taste found with every dish.

These three restaurants are amazing and have unique style of displaying themselves to the customers. Mayura is authentic, where Indian Hero is a typical bar styled restaurant and Tandoori Flame is a mix of modern ambience and Indian styled show pieces. So, select the Indian Restaurant in Brampton based on your interest and enjoy fine Indian dining.

29 Jun 2017

Tips for Successful Online Dating Websites

Are you looking for a special relationship? It’s often hard to meet people during the course of the day and online dating websites have mushroomed in popularity. Some studies suggest that one in every four relationships today was initiated online.  There are so many website options, surely there is one that meets your criteria. Take a couple or a test run and make a commitment to one website.

The absolute most important piece of advice for developing your profile is to be honest. You’ll expect the same of potential matches.  Why waste your time and someone else’s time? Be as detailed as possible in describing yourself and the values and characteristics you’re looking for in a relationship. Once you’ve completed your profile, added a recent photograph and double checked your answers to all the profile questions, post your profile.

Once you’ve been contacted or initiate contact with potential matches, make your emails brief and arrange to meet. You’ll never get to know someone from behind a keyboard, you must meet in person. Use common sense. Never provide your phone number or home address until you’ve actually met the individual from the website. Arrange to meet in a public place and notify a friend of where and when you’ll be meeting.

Be yourself. First date jitters are to be expected. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and select a fun outfit from the fabulous styles available at  Nordstrom Rack. Select fashions that you’re comfortable with and speak to who you are. If you try to change yourself with a new look that’s too extreme, your lack of authenticity will show through very quickly. You have amazing gifts and someone will like and respect you for just who you are.

Be safe, be optimistic, honest and stay positive. These are very attractive characteristics that are sure to appeal to everyone. Best of luck to you!

29 Mar 2017

Best Pointers to Buying The Best Knife For You

Every homemaker understands how important a set of high-quality kitchen knives are. The best type of knives are the ones that are easy to maneuver, long-lasting, and are easy to maintain. Before you go out and buy your set, let’s take a look at a few factors you should consider before pulling the trigger.

Type of Knife

The kind of knife you need is dependent on what tasks you need to complete in the kitchen. Pick a best knife sets by Finest Knife based on the culinary preferences you have and your daily practices.


What kind of steel was used to make the knife you want to purchase? Each type of steel has its pros and cons which means will have to do a bit of research to see which one is best for you. Examine the hilt of the knife for indications that it was welded. I like knives that are handmade and believe it is worth paying extra for them. Most knives that are welded also don’t usually have the same strength as ones that weren’t.


If you want a knife that feels good in your hand, you should go with a lighter one.  Although a heavy knife can be used to slice through foods that are harder. Foods like walnuts and ginger are perfect for heavy knives.


Your knife should be easy to balance when you are cutting. This is important if you want to slice your foods with accuracy. The ones that are difficult to balance tend to be a hassle to use.


Always research what kind of materials were used to make your kitchen knife. Stay away from the older style knives that have handles made of bone. It is a bad idea because as time passes, it will become tough to use in the future. I purchased one like this before, and it was a nightmare.


If you want your knife to stand the tests of time, I highly recommend one that will be easy to maintain over the long run. Steel knives are the best because they are razor sharp. When maintenance time comes around, you will need to spend a decent amount of time sharpening it. Your best bet is to hire a service, and they will have it back out to you within a weeks time as good as new. In future posts, I will review services so you can know which services to go with when the time comes.


The best way to store your knives is with a knife block. They will be safe and easy to access if left on your kitchen counter which makes things convenient. Professional chefs store their knives the old fashion way. They just take the knives and wrap it around their aprons which is just as effective but using a knife block looks better in your kitchen.

These are the best tips I could come up with and I will be discussing them in further detail in future posts.

18 Feb 2017