4 Best Waffle Makers

Waffle maker is an essential appliance for your kitchen as you can make the delicious waffles for your family on weekends. It is also one of the best reason to make the whole family get out of the bed on the Saturday mornings. Kids love waffle and they will wait for the whole week to have the delicious taste on the weekends. There are countless waffle makers out in the market but the challenge for you is to buy the best one for your kitchen. Make sure that you are considering the best option for your kitchen and make sure that the appliance you are buying has the features that suit best for your needs. They are divided in to three categories. Stove-top irons, Electric waffle makers and waffle moulds. We have short listed the best waffle makers for you.

Nordic Ware Silver Dollar Waffle Griddle

A pan is always best for the kitchen and this cast-aluminum waffle griddle pan makes seven small waffles. It is the non-stick product but you might need a coating of a non-stick product to make sure that cooked waffles slide out easily. For the flipping the best way is to use the wooden skewers.

Coline Waffle maker single

This is an amazing round waffle maker and possess the elegancy in it. You must have read so many waffle maker reviews. And, it is actually a best way to buy the product. You should always read few user reviews about the product and then go buy it. This particular waffle maker will produce a thing and delicate waffle. You can split it up into a five heart shapes.

Gourmet Gadgetry Waffle Maker

The girls are going to love this waffle maker. It can make a five small heart shaped waffles and it has a bright pink color. The working of this waffle maker is simple. When the green light will turn off, you should pour the waffle mixture into the center of the plate and then again close the lid. And then, after five minutes you will have evenly colored waffles for your family.

Andrew James Waffle Maker

Now, who does not love the good looking products? This in particular has a very sleek design and red color of this model attracts the customers. It can make the classic Belgian waffles and it also comes with a 1-kg pack of luxury Belgian style waffle mix which will help you in getting started.